Project Description

Tool for easily exporting Microsoft SQL Server queries directly to Excel file (.xlsx format). Can export multiple queries at one time, to files or sheets.

Source code moved to Github:

More Info

  • Requires .NET 3.5 or greater. Edit the "config" file to switch to use a higher 4.0 version.
  • Uses EPPlus DLL for Excel exporting API.
  • .NET Framework 3.5 WinForms application.
  • Remembers current entries using Registry.
  • No install, just run the EXE
  • Enter db server name/ip address
  • Enter db name
  • Optional enter db username/password, leave blank to use windows auth and current logged in user identity
  • Flip to Export Sql tab, enter 1 or more full sql statements (queries)
  • You can enter more than one and separate them with “;;”
  • Click the “start” button
  • Optionally you can check the button to export all the separate commands and put in single excel file into different sheets instead of exporting each to different excel file
  • The files are saved to same directory as EXE is found
  • Must run on a computer that can directly communicate with SQL Server (like a typical .net windows or web application)


Start page, enter your connection information (same as usually goes in a connection string)
SNAG-12-3-2015 1.42.34 PM.png

Query page, enter 1 or more queries separated by ";;" (two semi-colons).
Click "Start" button to export queries to 1 or more Excel files, or use the "checkbox" to export to 1 or more Sheets in a single Excel file workbook.
SNAG-12-3-2015 1.42.49 PM.png

Brought to you by the creator of SPCAMLQueryHelper. I hope you enjoy this program and find it as useful as I do!

A product by Ben Steinhauser, brought to you by B&R Business Solutions,

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